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Ninth-World is a planet hundreds of light years from Earth. It is the ninth planet ever to be colonised by humankind.

What makes it special is that not only does it have a sentient species, it has many - so many races are out there!

Please feel free to create a species of animal, a weapon, some history, an amoeba or anything you wish...

Welcome, Traveller! A whole world awaits you...Edit

Imagine the incredible & horrifying things that may have evolved in a world so diverse as the Ninth...

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Did you know?Edit

That Hectoria is the largest of Ninth-World's three suns?

That the Shamber fruit can sustain a man for a day?

That a Verdebeast is the domesticated form of Verdetebeest?

That a Shaan monk can put himself into a coma for a hundred years?

That Phoca is as light as air?

That the clouds over the northern continent are solid?

That a collaboration between Golgar and humans has cracked the secret of Zenarian Language?

That when a Recreanic creature alters its genes it makes a single body part stay Recreanic?

A Brain-Eating discoideum can change its shape by extending & retracting pseudopods?

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"Qua pluuh gah fulon, na hargsh da."

Words of wisdom from the Golgar philosopher Grudon Hensh, though still subject to much debate.

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